Month: October 2017

Wikipedia Explains the Necessary Expansion into Sub-Saharan Region by Equities First Holdings

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Equities First Holdings is headquartered out of Nairobi Kenya. In 2008 Equities First was awarded the an excellence award for being one of the best banks in Kenya. To date, Equities First Holidings is valued at having assets exceeding $3.8 billion. The customer base of Equities First Holdings spans across six African countries and services…

Larkin And Lacey Frontera Fund And How It Has Helped Human Rights Organizations

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There have been many groups in the United States that have dedicated resources and funds to fight for the rights of immigrants, refugees, and civil rights. They have persistently pursued implementation of human rights and standards that support policies which fight for civil and human rights. These groups are all across the country. Among the…

The 5-Star Nihi Sumba Island Of Chris Burch

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It was in 2012 that Chris Burch had bought a lesser-known surf resort. This was located on a remote island of Indonesia, called Sumba. He spent three years to develop this property and spent $30 million to do so. Now the five-star Nihi Resort has opened. This was under the able guidance of legendary hotelier…

Paul Mampilly’s Outstanding Success In The Financial Sector

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Different fantastic investments exist, but many obstacles limit us from investing and taking the whole idea to a whole different level. Some of the barriers include capital, inadequate information and the fear to fail. However much of the associated risks can be avoided with adequate information. Some people have enough experience in the financial world…

Meet Cutting Edge CEO Chris Burch

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Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and current CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His track record contains a successful 40 years with 50 companies across many sectors. From investment, to sourcing the best talent and experience, in combination with his profound and deep understanding of consumer behavior. The main areas of Chris’s success range…

Executive airport project underscores Jose Auriemo Neto’s philosophy of development

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The history of Latin America has seen much socialist hand-wringing and populist platitudes mouthed with the enthusiasm only genuine ideologues can muster. What it has not seen is real progress. This can be seen in the current situation of Venezuela, where a populist government, closely related to the wildly popular demagogue Hugo Chavez, has failed…


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