Jeff Yastine Success in Journalism and Investment

Jeff Yastine had an opportunity to interview great men in the society and in the world. He is a graduate of Florida University. He was employed as an anchor for the PBSW national broadcast Nightly Business Report. He was also their correspondent in Miami. He managed to learn a lot about financial investments and business while a journalist. He also has a vast knowledge of the stock market. Yastine leveraged on his work as a journalist and put into use the knowledge that he got from the interviews that he carried out. He is currently seen as one of the most successful people in the financial business. He is still a blogger whose articles are read by most investors, the kind of insight that one can have from reading his articles have made most investors and businessmen seek after his published works. Jeff Yastine gained a lot of experience while working as a journalist. He is an experienced editor currently working with the Total Wealth Insider. He is also the Editorial Director at the Banyan Hill Publishing. Most investors have benefitted from his writing. He blogs about the economic, monetary and business trends. He has been working with the Banyan Hill Publishing since 2005. He was brought to light various profit-making opportunities to the investors. He has been dealing with stock related business for over 2 decades. Learn more on crunchbase about Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a famous former financial journalist while working with the Nightly Business Report.He was nominated for Emmy due to his investigative work. His entire career is built interviewing the most powerful, the most influential and the most informed in different sectors. Most of his interviewees are prominent people in business, political, economy, finance and many more. Follow Jeff Yastine on Twitter.

He had an opportunity to talk with Warren Buffet in several exclusive meetings.he also interviewed Steve Forbes and Herb Kellerher of Southwest Airlines and Michael Dell.

Jeff Yastine gained popularity when he released a video illustrating the reason behind President John F. Kennedy starting a Kennedy account. He explained to the public that the idea came when John F. Kennedy was vying to be the president of America, at that time, the American economy was struggling with the GDP at a flat rate, the rate of employment was increasing, and the stock market went down to 13%. His intention was to get America moving again. He explained how the Kennedy account was changing people’s life. After a research on the Kennedy account, it was concluded that the Kennedy accounts are real.



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