Kevin Seawright Is Helping All Families Find Their Dream Home

These days, for a lot of people, the thought of buying a house for the first time seems like something that is unreachable. The process that you have to go through in general feels like a daunting task in itself. Luckily, for the people in the Boston area, there are people like Kevin Seawright who have built their jobs around helping first time home buyers get through the process.

Kevin Seawright has many years of accounting experience under his belt. His career started after earning his masters degree from Almeda University in accounting. He also went on to earn other academic credentials in both human resources and fields of management. Using all of his abilities, Seawright aims to empower people by spending his time in Newark, NJ and Boston to share his knowledge with them. He also used to be a board member at the Babe Ruth Museum. Visit at to know more.

In 2015, Kevin Seawright decided to start his own business and founded RPS Solutions LLC. With this business’ main popularity being in the Boston area, his main goal is to help all people, including seniors and the disabled be able to own their own home. Seawright hopes that by being able to do this he will improve the economic status of individuals and help them build ties to their community.

RPS Solutions paired up with the National Community Stabilization Trust to improve their ability to help those with limited resources and knowledge be able to buy their first home. What the NCST does is takes homes that have been abandoned and renovates and repurposes them. Their whole goal is to improve people’s lives and their communities. They have been able to match over 22,000 homes with buyers who qualify with their program.

Recently, Seawright helped a woman by the name of Anita Blue and her family buy her first home. The dream home was constructed in 1948 and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with enough square footage on the lot for her whole family. Ms. Blue had nothing but positive things to say about RPS Solutions and Seawright saying that she would definitely recommend the program to her friends and family who would are now considering buying a home in Baltimore.

Mr. Seawright’s career goal is to improve the economy in Baltimore and by being able to provide this type of program to people in the area, he will do just that. Many people have no idea how to even go about trying to get into a house to call their home and RPS Solutions is there to help.

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