Manse On Marsh Helps Seniors Feel Independent

Seniors do not have to give up their independence just because they are residing in an assisted living facility. There are plenty of facilities that work hard to help seniors keep their independence, such as The Manse On Marsh. This facility offers a mixture of independence and quality health care, so they can give seniors the attention and dignity they deserve.

The Manse On Marsh allows seniors to choose a health care plan that fits their specific needs. Residents have the option to add and remove services until they come up with their ideal healthcare. Everyone receives five check-ins every day, and the check-ins include bed making, three meal tickets and trash removal. The staff makes sure the check-ins are discrete so seniors do not feel like they cannot take care of simple tasks on their own. They are also given pendants so they can request assistance whenever they need it. Seniors do have the option not to use the pendants at all, but this pendant gives them access to medical assistance around the clock. A senior who decides not to use the pendant has the option to change their mind should an emergency occur.

Seniors can choose from a variety of floor plans when they move into the award winning The Manse On Marsh. The options include single bedroom suites, two bedroom cottages and three bedroom homes. The amenities are similar to what a resident would find in an apartment or home, and this includes a fireplace, cable television, full-size kitchen and electricity. The staff also provides weekly housekeeping, laundry services and transportation to appointments. This gives seniors the independence and privacy they deserve without sacrificing their health and well-being.

Leading an active lifestyle and socializing with others are both a big part of feeling independent. The Manse On Marsh offers a variety of activities to help residents stay active and social. Seniors can take part in games such as bingo, dominoes, bowling and bean bag toss, or they can stay active by participating in fitness programs such as Jazzercise and Zumba. The other activities include clubs, happy hour events, craft sessions and field trips. Seniors are sure to feel independent when they make plans to visit the library, salon, bistro or rooftop patio with a neighbor or on their own.

Seniors are never forced to sacrifice independence for quality care at The Manse On Marsh. The facility works with every senior to create a health care plan that fits their lifestyle.  See a full review on, for a more in depth look at what the facility has to offer.

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